13.5mm x 156mm

100mW 650nm Red Dot Laser Pointer Pen For Presentation

This high-performance is designed to provide exceptional precision and visibility during presentations and other applications. With its advanced laser optics and microelectronics, it emits a sharp and highly visible 650nm red dot, ensuring clear and accurate pointing even from long distances (800m – 1,000m).

Durable Construction and User-Friendly Features
Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, this wholesalelaserpointer.com pen is built for durability and reliability. Its rubberized finish offers a comfortable grip, while the push-button operation allows for effortless activation and deactivation. Powered by 2AAA batteries, this compact and energy-efficient laser pointer is ready for use in any situation.

Versatile Use Cases and Safety
Beyond presentations, this can serve multiple purposes. Use it as a pointer in lectures, museum tours, or for stargazing. Its high quality and precise beam make it an ideal tool for inspections and other demanding tasks. However, please note that laser pointers require careful handling, and users should always follow safety precautions to avoid eye damage.

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