“IRX7” Laser Pointer 808nm, 980nm or 1064nm




This powerful IR laser series is available in two different light frequencies, 808nm, 980nm, or 1064nm infrared. Visible only through night vision or special lenses, this laser is regularly used for military, scientific, and various other applications thatrequire an infrared laser beam in a convenient hand held laser form. Includes FDA certification, is air cooled, long expected life time, and backed warranty.

Model: IRX7 Infrared Laser Series
Laser Body: Black Polished Brass
Transverse Mode: TE00 TE00 TEM00
Output Power: 500-3000mW 500-3000mW 400-800mW
Beam Divergence: ~0.9-1.4 mRad
Beam Diameter: ~3.0mm ~3.0mm ~1.5mm
Power Supply
Operating Temperature:
Switch: Momentary On/Off Button
Expected Lifetime: >5000 hours

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Power Output

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  1. Damian Auld

    I bought this watch as one that I wouldn’t worry about getting dirty or broken. It lived up to my expectations.

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