Laser Safety Shades – Green, Red, Purple, Blue, UV&IR


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Stylish and incredibly important for proper safety use. Laser Shades available for green/purple, red, and blue wavelengths. *Includes hard case.

  • 532nm/405nm Protection (Red Lens) –Green and Purple wavelengths protected via 2.0+ OD
  • 650nm Protection(Red Lens)– Red wavelength protected via 2.0+ OD
  • 445nm Blue Protection(Red Lens)– Blue wavelength protected via 3.0+ OD
  • 140-450nm/800-1700 (Blue Lens)– Covers UV and IR Wavelengths.
  • Optical Density (O.D.)– Indicates the minimum Optical Density protecting users against specular reflection or momentary intrabeam exposure.

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