Expanded Laser Optics Kit

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Ideal for experimentation, visual effects, or straight forward beam splitting and contortion; the expanded laser optics kit offers a complete range of convex lenses and brackets to tweak and perfect your visuals. Researching The variations in this kit are perfect for nearly any research solution and are not limited to wavelength or output power.

Laser Optics Kit Includes:

1 x Double Convex Lens, Diamater 40mm, Focus Length 10cm
1 x Double Convex Lens, Diamater 30mm, Focus Length 5cm
1 x Flat Convex Lens, Diameter 40mm, Focus Length 30cm
1 x Concave Lens, Diamater 30cm, Focus Length -75mm
1 x Electric Light Source
1 x Shape Screen One
3 x Bracket


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