X Series Expanded Lens Kit – 5 lenses

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Lose, damage, or want another set of lenses for your X series high power laser No problem. With 5 additional lenses that do options like kaleidoscope effects, galaxy effects and others, the visual effects can keep you moving forwards. This lens kit works with the GX Green Laser, BX Blue, PX Purple and RX Red.

Expanded Lens Cap Kit Includes:

1 x Flashlight Effect Lens – expand the beam and be able to illuminate a small area.
1 x Galaxy Effect Lens – create a cool galaxy/starfield effect with your laser.
1 x Floodlight Effect Lens – expands the beam of your laser to illuminate a large area.
1 x Start Cross Effect Lens – use this lens to star cross effect.
1 x Cross Effect Lens – use this lens to create a cross with your laser.


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